Sunday, December 23, 2012


Does anybody else feel like they're not in Christmas spirit this year? because I certainly don't. Something that upsets me this year is I'm getting my privilege of saying "Merry Christmas!" Everybody is all of a sudden offended and says, "NO, IT'S HAPPY HOLIDAYS!" Well what I think is, I don't celebrate Hanukkah or whatever all of you other people would wish to celebrate this year, so please just let me say Merry Christmas. Like I'm not telling you to be a Catholic like I am! I'm just simply saying Merry Christmas. And I've definitely noticed that so many atheists celebrate Christmas, which makes no sense what so ever. In case all of you atheists forgot, this holiday is for the birth of Jesus; it's not for presents, and not to get drunk and such. It's a day to remember when Jesus was born. The tradition has really just went down the toilet these days. I respect your opinion on how you don't want to believe in God, but now you're just making Christmas have a whole new meaning!! You should just make up your own atheist holiday. Then you can do whatever the heck you want. About the Christmas Tree, I don't understand why there has to be such a big jiffy about whether you call it a Christmas tree or a holiday tree. Call it whatever you want! It won't inflict with any other person in the world on what they want to call it. Like what Bill O'Reilly  did to Rhode Island governor Lincoln Chafee. O'Reilly makes some very stupid statements in this video. This video definitely makes me lose hope for plenty of reasons. First of all, he calls Christianity a "philosophy" What's that supposed to mean?! Christianity is the base religion that makes up plenty of other religions!!! Second of all, he makes Governor Chafee feel like the low of the low just for calling said tree a "holiday tree" Why does Bill have to make it such a big deal is beyond me! And just the way he speaks in this video makes him sound very uneducated and makes me very heated that he is speaking to our society with his nonsense.

Monday, October 29, 2012


I know most people of this day won't agree with me, but why did music start to fall downhill? I mean, not start.. but why did it fall downhill? Music went from having true meaning and valuable words, to taking about killing people, sex, and drugs. I mean, I used to be a fan about a lot of the music of today, but now I feel like the music isn't.. Isn't actual music! I mean, people call  dubstep music. When in reality, you're paying a ton of money to go to a concert to see some guys at computers making dumb noises they recorded of their washer machines and lawn mowers. It's like taking money and fans away from the real musicians. I mean, everybody has their own opinion on music, but seriously.. I wouldn't even consider it music. I mean, if I had more people that read my blog, I know I'd get a lot of hate because you guys all need your daily dosage of JB or 1D. But someday, you will understand my perspective when you get out of that boyband stage. I'm not trying ti hate on anybody, but I do want to tell my opinion in my point of view. I don't hate people that listen to Skrillex or anything like that because everybody is simply entitled to their own opinion.

Friday, October 26, 2012


All people are worrying about these days are money, politics, or other problems... don't get me wrong, I also worry a lot!!! But what I was thinking about today was, why cant we all just have one day to not worry about a thing. No problems or anything. Just a day to have to yourself. Even if it's just by doing the simplest things on the weekends! What's so wrong about giving yourself a little spa day or even just sitting down with your family to watch some movies. I mean, stress is just something that doesn't need to invade somebody's every day! I'm not trying to sound like a hippy, but I mean if you think about it, does it even matter who you vote for in this election?? The outcome is the same for whoever you vote for, just look at congress and go, DURH?!
I mean, what is the outcome for stress, more stress?? Making your brain hurt will never give you a good outcome. Something's wrong? Just think about a good way to fix about the problem, don't rip your hairs out and throw a vase on the floor! See, this is where I'm a hypocrite, I talk about there being no need to stress, but I'm stressing all the time. I'm working on it, but it doesn't mean I stick to my words like these. but, when you really think about it, who ISN'T a hypocrite!? Even if it's the smallest of things I know everybody is a hypocrite. Just like women, they're all grossed out about their boyfriends/husbands watching porn, when you find them reading Fifty Shades of Grey. I mean really???
I mean yeah, everybody has their "reasons", but really, you're simply a hypocrite just for calling someone one! I honestly don't even believe hypocrite is a legitimate word if you'd ask me...!!!
Just thing about it...

Friday, July 6, 2012

Hair Dying

Taken a few months back but explains our hair color now. Of course, style and length is different
So, what's better than to go back to school with a brightly colored head to show all of your friends? So me and my two friends, Emma, Teresa, and I are going to dye our hair around the end of the summer. This is super hard for the three of us because we just want our hair colorful now! But alas, it would be pointless because all of our hard work would fade out from salt water beaches and chlorine. At least our hair doesn't look too bad from the last time we dyed it!

We've all chosen that we want Special Effects hair dye. I've chosen the colors Joyride and Cherry Bomb, Teresa wants her bangs wildflower. Emma.. I'm actually not sure of her specific colors I just know she wants a lot of different purples and pinks!!

For when we do get this show on the road, I will be blogging our progress on how we dyed our hair and hopefully it comes out to perfection!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Story

This was a story that I wrote quite a while ago. It was a true story with minor modifications. I feel quite proud of this piece which is why I decided to share with you guys!

There will be justice
I was so confused that day, everything went by so fast. All of these emotions running through my body like the blood rushing through my veins. This outrageous day hit me the moment I woke up.
When opening my eyes I saw a brighter film of light streaming through my windows than I usually expect on the normal routine. I glanced at the alarm clock. Late again.... I slumped out of bed and trudged to my door. When I opened it I jumped when I saw my equally as startled grandmother. She had a worried look on her concerned face with her hand positioned to open the door.
"Vacation?" she said with a wary smile on her face.
"No," I knew this wasn't a vacation. though I was pretty much as excited as excited as a five year old on Christmas morning that there was no school that day, I knew something was up.
"What's going on?" Her facial expressions so far today have been pretty much been answering my questions, but I'm not to well of a guesser so I just gave her a clueless look until she spilled the beans.
" Look, I know you're going to be nervous, but this is Ryan and your chance to end this once and for all. You're going to talk to a judge. Please don't worry. Grandpa, Mom, and I will be there for you and your brother.," a layer of shock vibrated through my body. Could this really be happening? I don't know what to say or do! what do I wear?! So many questions wondered through my mind. The only thing I knew was that it was going to be a long, courageous day.
The building was really big. I guess a lot of people have bad fathers, I immediately concluded. As I walked towards the building I noticed a few colorful butterflies flying about in the green grass, fluttering from flower to flower enjoying a tasty nectar treat. Free.. I wish I could be them.. When I stepped in to the building, I was overwhelmed by the state policemen flooding the place. It made me feel like I had super straight and act serious.
After a couple minutes of wondering the long hallways, we finally made it to our destination. . When we entered the waiting room, there were no windows or really anything else covering the ivory walls. The only thing occupying the room was a long, mahogany table with about ten computer chairs lined up around it. My brother, Ryan, and I waited in there for what felt like days. A while later, Kristen, one of the lawyers, barged n to the room with the most fake smile ever smeared on her face.
"Who wants to go in first?!" She seems awful happy...
"HAILEY DOES!" Ryan shouted. He tried to look goofy but I could tell he was nervous. His face was sweaty and he was attempting to run his fingers through his short hair. I had a lot of sympathy for him. I mean he is two years younger than I am. I was starting to stand up to tell her that yes I would go first until Kristen's voice shot me back down.
" since Ryan volunteered, he can go first!" At that point, I really started to dislike that lady.
When Ryan and Kristen left, I started to analyze exactly why I was there. I obviously knew it was about my biological father; he'd been trying to get his sob story to work for months. I bet he thinks he is going to win this time, but it's not working because I'm never giving in. I'll just tell the truth in a calm, orderly way. After a few minutes, Kristen busted through the door open like a fireman with Ryan behind her. I saw a glare in her eye before she changed her whole expression to happy and cheerful and said,
"You're up!" Before I left I took a look at my brother. He was fidgeting a lot which really concerned me, I didn't want to leave him like that.
"How'd it go? Are you okay?" I at least want to calm him down a bit. I didn't know what would've been so bad in there, he was starting to scare me!
"Yeah, fine. Just keep a look out; he's right outside."
"C'mon! We don't have all day!" Kristen sneered.
"Yeah yeah yeah," I say, officially sick of her.
As I walk into the courtroom, I see him in the corner of my eye. I could tell that his eyes were glued to me. He was making me so nervous I could feel my legs turn to Jell-O. I knew he was doing this on purpose, pressuring me on lying for him so I can go over his house all over again. Just looking back on it made me cringe. He can't even apologize for what he's done after all these years. Not like apologizing even matters anymore. All I know is he will never get his way.
When I gulped I felt like everybody around me could hear it. I didn't want want my father to see my fear. His words began to make me walk faster and faster as started saying,
"Hey, Hay. How have you been? Don't say anything bad about Daddy, okay?" I was leading myself to my destination faster and faster until i found myself in front of a huge guy that I assumed to be a body guard.
"Name?" He asked in a low, burly voice.
"Hailey," I said. I was really surprised on how shaky my voice was. i wished I could just stop already. Why do bodyguards have to be so big? I wondered as he stepped aside. The door slid open and inside looked pretty much as I expected. It was a small room with brown, wooden walls. The room only had one small lamp illuminating the darkness. There were bookcases just cramming this small room even more. There were two men in the room. One was sitting at the light brown desk facing the door and the other man was sitting in a chair with a typewriter in front of him. Wasn't I only talking to one person?!
"Sit down," The man at the desk said in such a forceful tone that my butt immediately found the worn out chair.
" So why do you think you're here?" He asked.
"Um, Peter?" I asked. Geez, how am I supposed to pay attention when I hear that other guy typing everything I say?! I started to feel uneasy about some of the questions he was going to ask causing me to rock in my chair slightly without even noticing at first.
"Do you want to see your father?" This answer quickly comes to mind as I say,
"No, not at all." I feel like I've been saying this over and over again but I'm never heard. He asks me a few more questions as I give him obvious answers in return. Not too bad after all!
Finally we got to leave. Ryan and I discuss what we said on our way home. I could tell he was stressed, and I was too. I felt bad for Ryan. Any kid and his age, or even my age at the time, are way too young to e going through this.
Sometimes I just wonder about the kids that are still with their abusive parents, and nobody helps them. I mean, my problem is still here, but it's going away. Some kids have to live with their problems on a daily basis. I got away from most of the abuse. But some people can't get away from it. I think that over time, I started to feel great full that I have friends and family that help me with this problem mentally and physically. When felling down about a problem, just thin about how it could be worse. When things give up and I feel like giving up on the truth, I like to keep that in my head and I don't give up. As long as you stick with the truth, someday there will be justice.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Bucket List

These are a few things that I am planning on doing this summer. Other than staying indoors and going to the beach, I plan on doing a lot this summer. Luckily this isn't all I'm doing this summer!
1. Go to the gym
2. Drop at least 20 pounds
3. Smash a pie in Emma's face
4. Get better at softball
5. Go on video games less and go outdoors
6. Live like the internet never existed unless shopping counted on it.
7. Spend one day every week with Emma
8. Learn a new instrument
9. Walk around at night in glow in the dark items
10. Make glowing Mountain Dew
11. Learn more recipies(preferrably more healthy)
12. Get creative!
13.Throw a message-in-a-bottle into the ocean.
14.Pull an all-nighter.
15. Say ‘yes’ to everything for a day.
16. Take a picture of where I am every hour for a day.
17. Be nice a whole day.
18. Wear black a whole day.
19. Talk to people I haven't talked to in months.
20. Go on at least a somewhat vacation during my vacation.
21. Go swimming at midnight.
22. Attempt to go to the beach once a week.
23. Stay at the beach a whole day.
24. Buy useless items at the dollar store.
25. Achieve bass guitar!
26. Clean out coset for Emma and me!
27. Stay outside a whole day from morning 'till night.
28. Go a day without contacts or glasses.
29. Buy random gifts for people.
30. Get more involved in band.
31. Convince mom for Slipknot concert..?
32. Create a piece of clothing.
33. Spa day with Emma!
34. Get posters.
35. Always have 30$ in my wallet.
36. Visit my old house to see what it looks like.
37. Make 5 people smile in one day.
38. Laugh for an hour straight with a friend.
39. Spend a whole day barefoot.
40. Spend three days in a row with Emma.
41. Eat only Ramen for a whole day.
42. Make videos on Youtube with Emma.
43. Get another pair of sneakers.
44. Go to a baseball game.
45. Start putting things up for sale on Etsy.
47. Buy more cds
48. Jog a whole mile
49. Watch more softball on TV
50. Own at least 100 Sharpies
51. Delete FaceBook account
52. Draw the best drawing ever drawn so far in my life.
53. Bake a Nyan Cat cake
54. Go to the drive in
55. Discover new artists.
56. Get more accessories
57. Visit Five Below
58. Take ten hour Nyan Cat video
59. Have a fight with a tree in public
60. Try five new foods
61. Set up a stand and give out free lemons while wearing a shirt that says "life"
62. Get a pedicure
63. Get every color tanktop
64. Make rainbow cake
65. Make a scrapbook
66. Make vanilla pudding, put it in a mayo jar and eat it in public

Saturday, June 16, 2012

A New Beginning

Hello readers!
This is my first post to my new blog, "Mindless Thoughts". I am really going to enjoy this website with splendid feedback and positive criticism. My other blog with my three friends, Emm, Sparkles and Teresa is turning out so well I have decided to create one of my own. I hope to post good, optimistic readings and some pictures from my upcoming summer! School is ending here very soon and i am super excited! this upcoming summer it is going to be very busy and crazy, so i guess it will be enjoyable to read the outrageous things that go on! I hope you enjoy!